Do your employees drive their own vehicles for work?

If your team travel on work-related journeys, you have a legal duty of care to protect them. This means checking employees have adequate insurance, valid licences and MOT certificates.

We act as a safety net to keep your team and business safe from the biggest danger at work

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How does Driver work?

Invite your team


Sign up for FREE and invite your team to see who needs protecting

online risk assessment


They complete their online risk assessment to identify who does and doesn't do work related journey's

review your free report


Then you get a detailed risk report explaining how your employees may be at risk and what you can do to minimise those risks.

Let driver take the strain


Or you can let Driver take the strain and protect you and your team, managing your duty of care for you.

Protection in detail

Driver protection is only £5/m for each at risk employee.

Like we said, Driver provides a completely free risk profiling tool to identify which of your team is exposed to the dangers of driving or riding during their working day.

You can review your report and follow the actions outlined to ensure you meet your legal duty of care requirements or we can do the leg work for you.

You will only pay for employees who have been identified as at risk and in need of cover.

online automated licence check and verification

Driver Licence Checking

As a minimum, all licences must be checked once a year, more often for high risk users.

Vehicle Types
Vehicle Restrictions

online automated vehicle check and verification

Vehicle Data Lookup

Is the vehicle road legal, taxed and fit for purpose?

MOT date
Tax date
Fuel efficiency
CO2 emissions

Driver safety & training

DRIVER safety

You are responsible for ensuring staff are trained, insured for business journeys and aware of road related safety.

Safety Policies
Driver eLearning
Eye Test management
Insurance validation

Driver automatically reminds you of important events

Automatic Reminders

It's easy to forget when a service is due, MOT's expire and when to check a licence.

Expiring insurance
Vehicle safety checks
New training

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Duty of Care. What is it?

a duty of care is a legal obligation imposed on an individual that requires adherence to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseeably harm others.


As an employer you must, by law, ensure your employees are aware of government legislation, understand your company's policies, and have been shown how to act responsibly when driving or riding for work.

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